Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Occupation Happened… Now What?? #OWS

Let me start out by saying I do support the Occupy Movement and all it stands for.  But my question is: what happens next???

The mission statement has been made, but what is the endgame to this?  If control of a piece of turf is all that’s important, then the fight is lost.  The underlying issues with all of this is MONEY.  Get the money out of politics and problems can be solved quicker.  We have politicians fundraising morning, noon and night just to be re-elected – get the money out of politics and get the politicians we elected back to work for the people, and not the corporations and millionaires/billionaires.

Another question I have for the Occupiers is: Are you registered to vote???  First we need to get out the vote.  Register your fellow Occupiers!!!  Exercise your rights and vote out the bad people and vote in good people who will do the will of the people and not the will of the special interests. No matter your political stripe (My being a Democrat, I will vote for the Democrat who will serve my needs and not one who will serve the needs of, say a large Casino company or the owner of one), find the candidate who will best suit you and VOTE!!!

Next step should be something other than just occupying a piece of land.  You’ve made that statement, now onto the next.  Occupy your City or County buildings, your State Houses, the House of Representatives & Senate buildings.  Make your voices heard in those places.  Call your representatives en masse – they get scared when the phone rings, so make them ring off the hook – be mad as hell and don’t take it anymore!!

Make your voices heard outside of the Occupation sites. Get on Twitter or Facebook and spread the word, bring your friends to Occupy sites or find a Living/Drinking/Laughing Liberally location – get involved!! The Right doesn’t like the Left to be organized, so you know what – ORGANIZE!!! Piss off your friends if that’s what it takes to get it through their skulls why we are fighting and why they are part of the 99%.  I have many right wing friends on Facebook and when I post something they don’t like, they try to knock it down, but I come back at them with facts and ask them to back what they say up with facts (dollars to doughnuts they are Fox “news” viewers and don’t know the facts, only the propaganda). Stand your ground!! Be Heard!! Stand by the facts!!

One other issue that has a resounding theme with the Occupy movement is Citizens United.  A Constitutional Amendment has been introduced in the Senate to overturn the ruling which declared corporations to be people.  They are not people, they are entities created by the state and only exist on paper.  To Paraphrase Steve Gutenberg’s character in Short Circuit: “It's a corporation, Schroeder. It doesn't get pissed off, it doesn't get happy, it doesn't get sad, it doesn't laugh at your jokes... It only exists to make money”.  This amendment needs to get some traction.  Call your Senators and your Representative to support it!!!

Sign Petitions!! Get Money Out

Make no mistake, the media is out there and is paying attention. Your activism has change the subject and politicians are talking about income inequality.  If Fox “news” is railing against you, you know you are doing something right.  You’re also bringing to light corrupt police departments who are bent on using brutality to force you down. Stay peaceful and you bring even more light or our fight and show who the police are working for.  Question why does a college police department need riot gear!!  Question who is pulling the trigger to hit people with rubber bullets!! Question why they need to pepper spray unarmed civilians!!  Question authority and why it’s slanted against us – the rich have the power, the money to buy lobbyists and lawyers to fill the halls of local, state and federal offices – we have our voices!!

Use those voices and make yourselves heard – the people are listening, the media is listening, the politicians are listening – and the monied interests are running scared.  They don’t know how to handle you – unlike the Tea Party who they are able to use like the sheep they are. Keep the pressure on, keep the occupations going, but don’t fight over a piece of land – fight for your piece of the pie!!  Fight the good fight!! Fight for what’s right!! And most of all, fight for all of our futures!!! If we can’t change this, no one can!!
We Are the 99%!!!