Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facebook Rant 05/30/2013

[Begin rant] GOP/Conservatives distrust Blacks because they think most of them are sponging off the system via "welfare", they think most Hispanics are "illegal", they think all Muslims are terrorists. It's no wonder people of the liberal/progressive side think they are crazy. The GOP/Conservatives don't like this country - if they did, they'd want to make sure our infrastructure was sound rather than give away tax dollars to billionaires and corporations. They'd rather see Europe and China have better transportation modes such as high speed rails than take away subsidies to Big Oil (one of the most profitable industries in the world). They'd rather see people go hungry or uneducated than raise taxes on Hedge Fund managers who do absolutely NOTHING for the benefit of mankind except move money around (they produce nothing tangible). They are regressive to what our society needs - they live in a fantasy land created by Ayn Rand and Koch Industries (ie Heritage Foundation, AFP, et al). They hold back progress. They are fucking worthless to what this country means and what our Forefathers set out for this country. They talk a big game, but they are cowards - unless it's sending our military to war (but not their own sons or daughters). They can all drop dead!!! This country is being held back by these pieces of pond scum who are SLAVES to people who want to dismantle unions, pass laws to suppress the votes of the poor/minorities/elderly, allow the offshore of jobs, allow Wall Street firms to skirt tax laws - I could go on. They need to stop with these witch hunts and get back to doing the work of the PEOPLE - and corporations aren't people!!! They need to grow up and do their jobs. GOP/Conservatives don't have a clue as to how to govern - they are worthless and if the Founders came back today, they would probably shoot each one of them with a fucking musket!!!! [End Rant]