Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Poor, A Mental Disease, and Trolls.. Oh My!!!

I happened to see a video online (below) about a Democratic Pundit saying the word “Fuck” live on Fox “news”… no big deal to me since I drop F-bombs faster than the Pope can hide a sex abuse scandal.


What bothered me about it was Neal Boortz saying “Poverty is a mental disease”.  I took offense by that statement and I tweeted to this man the following: “Poverty is not a mental disease, @ XXXXXXX .... You think people choose to be poor??? You're an asshole!!!!” (Since then, he retweeted it to his minions rather than confront me himself, the coward that he and all RWNJs are on Twitter).

People do not chose to be poor.  Some are born into it, some are forced into it, and some become poor by their own design – but I do not feel it is a mental disease!!!  Where in the fuck he came up with that line, I’ll never know.

When I say “born into it”, it is just that.  You could be in parts of the world (or for the USA, for that matter) and live in poor areas – not having any idea of what might be out there that would be better.  You live day to day, trying to raise your family on the little money you make at the menial jobs that are available in your area and don’t have the means to leave and you’re stuck!!!  Nowhere to go, no one to help. Even with the meager amount of food stamps you might receive from the government, you’re barely scraping by.  Thus is your life in an impoverished city, town, state or country.

When I say “forced into it”, it means you might have had a comfortable living, but it all went away from something devastating – like medical bills.  Sure, you might have had health insurance, but you’re always one catastrophic illness away from the poorhouse, and this does happen in the good ol’ UsofA!! Yay Us!!! (I’m not going to get into the benefits of “Obamacare” but some parts of that law will prevent things like that from happening). When a family member gets sick, the insurance only covers so much, and the bills keep coming and you can’t keep up… Step by step, you lose your house, live in the car or lose your car…  You are now one of the working poor, praying to your god you don’t lose your job….  This is the America we live in – ashamed??  If you believe in what I do, you’re not, but if you are a conservative, you probably don’t give two shits!!!!

When I say “by their own design”, it means just that…  The over spender, poor budgeting, compulsive gambling… These are some of the ones I have less sympathy for, but there is help out there for them. They’ve made their bed, and they must deal with it.  The compulsive gambler has a disease and can be treated.  Poor budgeting: have someone manage your money. Over spending, stop!!!

But to say someone in poverty has a mental disease was uncalled for.  The Boortz-trolls keep telling me you can get out of it… They all seem to be living well with their internet connections to attack my statement, but you know what??  There are people who don’t have that fucking luxury!!  Why???  because when you’re down and out in this country, you become the unseen, the unwashed, and the ignored part of the population.  When you befriend a homeless person or acknowledge their existence by saying hello, then we’ll talk.  Until then, I don’t want to hear it!!!