Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook Rant 06/26/2013

[Begin rant] I lost a friend today. No, not by death, but by stupidity. Stupidity on my part, No. As of about 330pm local time, I was unfriended on Facebook and blocked by this person on Twitter.

When someone comments on one of my posts, I expect some colorful language - it's a place everyone can vent, which I don't mind. When someone comments behind you, please don't assume it was directed at you. That's what happened today.

Well, a very uncalled for insult resulted (which I deleted). The person claimed it was an insult in the previous comment. I spoke to that person and it was confirmed that it was directed at the post and not the other commenter.

In the end, I got a text from the person saying I never have their back, I am an asshole and I'm blocked on here (not really, just unfriended) and blocked on the Twitter.

So, thus ends a two year friendship because rationality flew out the window and temper and stupidity took its place. [End rant]

Update for this blog:

Will I miss this person, yes.  After two years of chatting, and getting to know one another, we became very close friends.  Will I make the first move at reconciliation? I don't think so, as I feel I have done nothing wrong in this situation.  Will I talk to this person again? Well, that remains to be seen. Until then, I will wish them well.  

"The future disappears into memory
With only a moment between
Forever dwells in that moment
Hope is what remains to be seen"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Facebook Rant 06/22/2013

[Begin Rant] Are there people who abuse the Food Stamp program? Yes. Are there people who abuse the Medicaid system? Yes. But are these programs vital to our country? YES. We would have less people on food stamps if Republicans and Big Business would stop fighting against raising the Minimum Wage which would pull many families out of poverty to afford the MAIN necessities of living - FOOD, thus giving them a wage they can survive on, rather than just scrape by.

If we had a better health delivery system in this country, and take out the profit motives, people could afford to see a regular physician rather than relying on emergency rooms for primary care. The best way to deal with that would be a national single payer system and Congress should enact price controls on pharmaceuticals because much of the high costs are set by greedy Big Pharma. Remember the days when the medical "industry" wasn't motivated largely by profits. [End Rant]"