Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Facebook rant 04/09/2013

[Begin rant] The Second Amendment is a provisional amendment, just as the first 13 words of it spell out: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State" as our founders did not want a standing army. It was not written to keep a tyrannical government at bay, but to keep the citizens at the ready in case they were called up by governors or the president in a time of insurrection or war (see Whisky Rebellion). The government also regulated what kind of gun you could have, how much gun powder to have, etc (See Militia Act of 1792)... The NRA is bought and paid for by gun manufacturers and they run the show by stoking fear and paranoia that the mean black guy (or whatever Democrat) in the White House is going to come and take your guns away (see Timothy McVeigh and his ilk) - which in turn, boosts sales for said gun manufacturers. They want to sell as many guns as possible, not worrying about any consequences to the general population. So, in essence, all the laws pushed by the NRA and passed by our law makers are basically cover for the gun manufacturers to sell as much product as possible (no background checks, straw purchasers, etc...) [End rant]

Monday, April 08, 2013

Facebook rant 04/07/2013

[Begin rant] Social conservatives need to mind their own fucking business.... Don't like contraception, don't use them!! Don't like abortions, don't have them!!! Don't like gay sex or marriage, don't have gay sex or get gay married!! Don't like that sodomy laws were declared unconstitutional, don't have oral sex or anal sex!! If they want to regulate what goes on in my bedroom or a doctors office, then they'd better have a fucking warrant or an HD video camera to enjoy the fucking ride!! [End rant]

Facebook rant from 04/08/2013

[Begin rant] The Republicans in the Senate are both cowards and obstructionists!!! They abuse the filibuster (without having to say anything) or use these secret holds. If they were true to their convictions, they would have honest debates on the floor, rather than hiding behind some stupid rules. They impede progress, they impede infrastructure repair, they impede job creation. So, until one of those pussies stand for something other than the whims of the [Fuck the] NRA, I have absolutely no use for them. They are 47 of the most worthless pieces of shit elected to office!!! [End rant]