Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Quick note about the Media to Republicans

Dear Republicans/TeaFuckers/Conservatives: 

Next time you say "Don't trust the main (lame) stream media", here's some food for thought: Fox News is broadcast into millions of home and watched by millions of homebound senior citizens and stupid people (like yourselves)..... Yeah, Fox is part of the mainstream. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Filibuster this, Senate Republicans... Rant 05/06/2014

[Begin Rant] The Republicans in the Senate aren't making a stand against anything with they way they are voting. They aren't voting on any bills, they are voting on whether or not to debate on the bill. COWARDS!!! The whole lot of them. They are afraid to go on record as to why they oppose the legislation at hand. Why do they constantly filibuster bills to help the people in this nation. No debate on raising the Minimum Wage. No debate on Unemployment Insurance. No debate on Climate Change. No debate on moderate gun laws. Again, COWARDS!!! They don't want the people in their states to know what they really think of them. They don't give two shits about he people in their states. They only care about the slimy cumstains who line their goddamned pockets - you know, the Kochs, the Adelsons, the DeVos'. They want us to die, to live in a dirty environment, to be ruled by their Oligarch overlords, begging for a pittance to buy gas, food, and the other necessities to survive. This is a big election year and if you're voting for one of these motherfuckers, you deserve everything they take away from you. This election is just as important as any presidential election. Get out there and vote like your life depended on it. They will stop at nothing to STEAL your Social Security trust fund, your Medicare trust fund and hand them over to private entities and Wall Street. Keep those fucking dirty hands off your money you worked and slaved for all these years. And to the younger voters - this is about you, too!!! Once you move out of mommy and daddy's basement into your own home, they might have to move into yours. VOTE!!!! [End Rant]