Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heroes [Facebook Rant 08/27/2013]

The more I delve into my Smallville episodes, the more I realize this world   needs more supermen and superwomen.  People with hearts that go out of their way to help others. We are all a Clark Kent or Diana Prince with that Superman or Wonder Woman hidden beneath the surface.  All it takes is one gesture of kindness, and it is paid forward to the next person, and so on.  What we don't need is the anti-hero born out of greed and cold-heartedness we see today in they guise of those who follow the "heroes" of the Ayn Rand novels. See, those people were selfish egomaniacs out for themselves. Hero to me is a symbol of righteousness like FDR or MLK - thinking of others before their own self-interest. We don't need the greed brought forth by the Koch Brothers or the Republican Party. Granted, the Democratic Party has its flaws, but at least it isn't self absorbed with just helping one class of people over the others.

We all have a hero we look up to - whether real or fictional.  A hero looks for the good, the truth and the justice.  There are good people out there, they just need to be brought out of the shadows.  There is truth out there, but it needs a bright light shining on it for everyone to see.  There is justice out there, it's just a matter of all of us coming together to make it happen.

I don't know how long I have on this earth, but I hope the words I type (and you read) make a difference in your lives.  Whether you agree or disagree with me, at least I'm planting the seeds in your mind to think about whatever it is I'm saying. That's where the hero in all of us lies - the idea that we all can make a difference - small or big. We just need to find it within ourselves to be the hero we want to be.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Plea for Help for my friends!!!!

Jack Schroeder is a nine-year old boy that lives in Ransomville, NY - a suburb of Buffalo, NY. Jack was diagnosed with severe autism at 18 months of age. He was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. This combination is extremely rare. Jack is non-verbal, so this double-diagnosis is especially difficult because he cannot communicate with his parents or teachers when his blood sugar spikes or drops. This benefit has been established to purchase a Diabetic Service Alert Dog, so that when Jack's blood sugar is at a dangerous level, those that care for him will be notified immediately. For Jack, this is not for convenience, but to potentially save his life.
Otherwise, Jack is a typical little boy. He loves to swing, swim in the pool, and watch Go Diego Go. He especially enjoys summer because he can be outside all day long. He attends Summit Academy and is beginning to use his IPAD with the goal of it serving as his communication device one day.