Monday, April 11, 2011

The Man is a Maggot!!!

Glenn Beck is a maggot.  Assuming all women who use Planned Parenthood are prostitutes is a new low.  Unlike him, who makes about $33,000,000.00 per year, some people cannot afford healthcare and PP is their only way to get the care they need. Asswipe!!!

Via Media Matters

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Letters from Teabaggers….

This one came from the Tea Party Express (my comments are in red italics):

This week, as Members of Congress debated this year's budget, the Tea Party was smeared by Congressional Democrats. As they Should be!!!

Sen. Chuck Schumer said the Tea Party movement was a bunch of fleas, wagging a dog's tail. He hit the nail on the head!!!

Senator Harry Reid went one bit further, blaming the budget stalemate on the Tea Party.  Which is true, isn’t it??

Here's the truth:  the Tea Party was the one reason that Members of Congress were pressured to finally start cutting spending.  But we have so much further to go.   And if Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid think they can silence us by smearing us, they have another thing coming. Yeah – more of your crap since you or Republicans know how to govern!!!

We have a $14+ trillion national debt, and instead of real spending cuts, many Members of Congress think they can keep spending more and more - and to pay for it all they want to raise our taxes.  Well, our answer is this:  NO WAY! George W. Bush is to blame for this.  He gave huge tax cuts to the wealthy and did not pay for them, started two wars which were off budget as was Medicare Part D.  President Obama simply put the Medicare Part D and the wars on the budget!!!

Liberals in Congress got us into this mess from rampant over-spending, and too many Republicans went along with these liberals.  Now it's time to stop the party, wake up and face our nation's hangover.  We have a spending problem in our government and it's time to make the serious cuts that are needed to protect our nation's future. I’m sorry, but when Democrats are in charge, we use the Pay-Go system (you know, pay with the money you have) – Republicans always take that away and spend and grow government deficits (Reagan, Bush I & Bush II… Clinton had balanced budgets and was paying down the debt and Bush II squandered it by giving tax cuts to the wealthy)!!!

Please help us fight back.  The battle has just begun and we need much more fiscal accountability in Congress.  We got a start this week - but it's just that, a start. Here’s a start – Fuck you!!!!