Tuesday, January 31, 2017

About those Celebrities having voices

[Begin Rant] So, you’re sick of hearing “Liberal” celebrities voice their political opinion??  Really???  Bite Me!!! Celebrities have been doing it for a very long time – speaking out for the pale and downtrodden of society. They are the voice people need because sometimes those in power don’t listen to voices like mine or yours.

They have been doing this for ages. But everyone seems to be focused on “Hollywood” and actors and actresses speaking out. This goes far beyond the stars in the tiny hamlet adjacent to Los Angeles.

It goes to our music as well. Rock and Roll and Rap/Hop-Hop have always had a social and political conscience. They talk about subjects you don’t hear in Country Music since that genre is so wrapped up in a god and country, it only knows one type of value – there’s not many socially aware country songs.

Frank Sinatra was at the forefront of racial integration. He was for Civil Rights. He was for school integration.

Artists of the 1960’s came of age in the Vietnam era writing about the perils of the nation at war and songs of peace. Some were even big enough to voice opposition to elected leaders.

Music was a vehicle to voice a political opinion, but people tend to forget about that. It has weaved into the fabric of society. Many just hear a good beat or guitar riff, but rarely hear the words.

The 1970’s saw the birth of progressive rock and longer songs, but the messages were still there. You just had to know where to look. They were subtle, but still there.

Skip to the 80’s – songs took on the cold war, the environment (acid rain come to mind?), consumerism… The list goes on and on.

But don’t tell me it’s just “Hollywood.”

What is sad is you have “Conservative” celebrities sitting in the shadows, thinking they might get picked on or lose roles for their political leanings. That’s bullshit. They are cowards – they meet in Secret (Friends of Abe). The most vocal people they have are all nuts (see: Ted Nugent).

So, next time you want to talk about celebrities voicing their opinions, you might want to shut off your radio – you might be hearing a song by someone who has an opinion. {End Rant]