Monday, October 19, 2015

Comment Regarding Guns

"Well Regulated". Not hard to understand. The government has and can regulate any and all firearms, much to the chagrin of gun owners. I've never called for banning guns for hunting - you can comb my wall - and if you have, you've never commented. Personally, you don't need a large capacity magazine for hunting unless you're a shit shot. Again, if it looks like something the Armed Forces uses, it does not belong on the streets. Also, why would you need armor piercing bullets - I've never seen a deer wearing a bulletproof vest. Some of the arguments made in the gun culture make no sense. It's NOT all about your rights, but my rights to walk down the street without the fear of intimidation from people walking around like it's the fucking wild west. No one walks around with name tags saying "Hi, I'm a good guy with a gun".

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