Sunday, June 25, 2017

Heroes [A Rant]

[Begin Rant] Last night as I was walking out of the theater (after seeing Wonder Woman again), there was a couple walking next to me hand-in-hand. The guy says to the girl "Well, at least there weren't a lot of liberal messages in it." My ears perked up and I shot him an evil glance. Then I went home and I stewed about the comment most of the night and that lead me to this post.
I should have told his he's full of shit. 95% of superheroes (DC & Marvel) are liberal. They don't talk about politics in the movies, but their actions tell a different story.
The heroes are the ones on the battlefield doing what is right for the world. They are altruistic in their ways. They save people from getting hurt. They go above and beyond with disregard of their own safety to help others. They are the Light in this world. They fight the forces of Darkness.
Maybe if they paid more attention to the parables in their holy books, they would understand. Until then, they will remain lost and not understand what a real Hero is. [End Rant]

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